A tractor with tracks attached to the front of it.

Pioneering Performance Since 1972

Established in 1972, Gilbert and Riplo, Co. introduced its revolutionary GripTrac tracks to the market. With a robust presence in the United States and distribution to 26 countries worldwide, our quality-engineered tracks have become synonymous with exceptional performance and reliability. Keep reading to learn more about GripTrac Manufacturer.

Versatility and Performance

As a leading track manufacturer, GripTrac is renowned for its versatility, capable of replacing tires on a wide range of agricultural equipment, including combines, tractors, grain carts, and self-propelled machinery, often without the need for extensive modifications. By enabling harvesting operations in wet and muddy fields, our products empower farmers to overcome challenging conditions.

Specialized Applications

Beyond the agricultural sector, GripTrac offers specialized tracks tailored for salt, potato, and pickle havesters, as well as applications in the pickle harvesters. Should you have unique requirements, our company is dedicated to providing customized design and fabrication services to ensure optimal flotation and traction for any machine.

Founded by Fred Riplo, who hails from a farming background and gained invaluable track experience while serving in the Army during the Vietnam War, GripTrac embodies a deep understanding of agricultural needs.

Fuel Efficiency and Easy Installation

In addition to their exceptional performance, GripTrac tracks deliver significant fuel savings of up to 20% by reducing rolling resistance in muddy terrains. With a quick installation time of approximately 3 hours and effortless removal in just 1 hour, our tracks contribute to a smoother and more efficient machine operation.

Designed to minimize field damage, GripTrac tracks boast a 36" width that reduces compaction, while their generous 54 square feet of ground contact area ensures superior traction and flotation on various soil types.

Exceeding Expectations with GripTrac Tracks

Featuring our exclusive FloTrac design, GripTrac tracks have set a new standard in replacing tires for wet field applications. We firmly believe that our tracks will exceed your expectations, offering unmatched performance and reliability for your agricultural operations.